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Who We Are
Philanthropic Private Equity

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Our Mission

Spring Arbor Group is dedicated to redefining the landscape of private equity by blending financial expertise with philanthropic commitment. We exist to pioneer mission-driven philanthropic private equity, channeling our expertise to benefit charitable organizations, nonprofits, and Christian educational institutions on behalf of our investors. Through strategic acquisitions and adept management, we aim to create sustainable growth that stretches beyond investor financial returns to create lasting impact for good.

Our Vision

At Spring Arbor Group, we have created a unique business model that seamlessly integrates private equity expertise with philanthropic values. We strive to drive sustainable investor returns, generating profits for both investors and their selected beneficiary organizations. Our vision is to be a catalyst for increased connection between investors and their charitable partners, creating a positive ripple effect that strengthens the operational capacity and mission-driven initiatives of charitable, nonprofit and Christian educational institutions, thus enabling sustainability that lasts for generations. 

Our Values

At the core of Spring Arbor Group's values lies an unwavering commitment to financial growth with purpose. We believe in the power of leveraging resources to not only enhance investor returns but also to empower charitable entities. Our values center on the dual commitment to financial prosperity and philanthropy, creating synergy that benefits investors, their beneficiary organizations, and the communities we serve. We take pride in our extensive network and proven expertise in business acquisition and management, ensuring our investors have confidence in the positive social impact we drive for charitable organizations, nonprofits and Christian educational institutions.



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